Benefits of Broccoli during Pregnancy

It has been said that if you want your baby to love eating broccoli, you have to start eating it as soon as you discover that you are pregnant. Given that one of the many benefits of broccoli during pregnancy is the supply of folate that prevents neural tube infections, you should start treating broccoli way before you are pregnant. You should eat it several months before you are pregnant. This, alongside with your supplements should ensure that you have enough folate in your system to prevent your fetus from developing neural tube infections. This can lead to conditions such as spina bifida and other spine and nervous system problems. You are at a higher risk of passing these conditions on to your baby if any member of your family has the same conditions, or either one of the parents of the fetus has suffered from it. There are some women who take medications for the management of conditions such as epilepsy that may need to take a lot more folic acid than others since the medications for this condition often prevents the baby from taking on enough folic acid. Broccoli is also good for the increase in the amount of calcium in your body, which will mean strong bones and teeth for you and the fetus. You should take as much calcium as possible to ensure the bone density is acceptable. You will also have great hair and skin if you take a lot of broccoli. This vegetable is known to be a great anti cancer agent, which is good news for any pregnant women. You will need a lot of blood in your body in pregnancy, and this means you will need a lot more iron in your body, since iron is the constituent of hemoglobin in the blood. Broccoli also has a lot of iron and is perfect for pregnant women who are vegan and cannot eat the traditional source of iron.

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